All things excel with order.

Ordered House

Sales Growth Consulting


All things excel with order. 

 For sales, order is critical.

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Ordered House provides rapid resourcing, reporting, bookkeeping, mobile application and support services for businesses of any size. Our focus is on increasing sales opportunity and revenue for our clients.

Ordered House is a consultancy that facilitates a structured and methodical approach to getting potential clients into your sales pipeline. We achieve this through a technical reporting process that yields results so a client will know what actions to take to optimize your site design, SEO and business growth. 

We operate as either a high quality staffing resource, development consultants or customer support advocacy to make the most of the resources you have invested in - and provide resources that you need for short or long term solutions.  We also provide practical web services: web hosting, website design and domains at a reasonable price.



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Areas of Specialty

Start ups

Establishing best practices and tools to go from first steps to a full sprint. We help beat a virtual path to your cloud based door.

Existing Business

Leverage your existing client base for increased revenue and growing that base.

Business in Crisis

Taking a business that is in trouble and help turn things around.  We start with a full technical audit to plan the steps to recovery.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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